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Mastering Management Consulting
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Want to deliver more value for clients?

Just starting your practice?

Unsure about your next steps in a consulting project? 

Learn the fundamentals of management consulting from successful, experienced consultants. 

  • Identify client needs
  • Create winning proposals
  • Win more projects
  • Deliver better results
  • Design effective project plans
  • Execute successful consulting engagements 

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IMC USA's survey course, "Mastering Management Consulting (MMC)" has 12 sessions organized into (4) modules: 

  • Core Competency (2 sessions) - state of the consulting industry and core competencies required to be a successful consultant 
  • Ethical Challenges (1 session) - understanding experiences, constraints and issues; defining  your own ethical framework
  • Consulting Process (6 sessions) - defining the scope of engagement, writing proposals & project plans, research & data gathering, finding solutions, implementation & disengagement
  • Practical Management (3 sessions) - marketing & managing client relationships, managing your consulting practice, maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace for your consulting practice. 

Visit the Program Descriptions for more detailed information about each session.

Designed for small groups, these sessions are seminar style, using case studies and worksheets to teach skills and discuss various consulting tools, techniques, philosophies, and best practices that are immediately applicable to the participant’s consulting practice.


Note: Mastering Management Consulting is also available as a face-to-face class in selected regions. Instructors are available to deliver the course on-site for consulting firms and corporate (internal) consulting groups.


Who should attend?

  • Early-stage consultants (one to three years of experience)
  • Consultants making major changes to the focus of their practice
  • Consultants needing specific skills or competencies
  • All consultants will benefit from the following three sessions
    • The State of the Consulting Profession in the US
    • Consulting Core Competencies
    • Ethics and Professional Behaviors (fulfills Ethics requirement for IMC USA’s Certified Management Consultant ® (CMC®) accreditation)

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Each session

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Non-Member Price


Or purchase an entire module at a discounted price

Consulting Core Competencies: Sessions 2a & 2b (double session)



Ethics and Professional Behavior: Session 3a & 3b (double session)



Consulting Process: Sessions: 4,5, 6a & 6b, 7, 8, 9



Practice Management Sessions: 10a & 10b, 11, 12

$150 $320





2018 Dates

Core Competency Series

The State of the Consulting Profession in the United States Today

Business Sector and Consulting Expertise Inventory

Prepare to sustain a viable consulting business.
Learn how you can remain relevant and competitive

1.5 hr

January 5


Repeat live session:

January 11

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Core Consulting Competencies


Mastery Assessment
Core Competency Assessment

Gain insight of what you have mastered and what you need to work on as your career in consulting progresses.

3 hours - two sessions

January 25

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February 8

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Ethical Challenges

Ethics and Professional Behaviors

Ethics Problem handling Guidelines
Simulated Ethics Problems

Identify the experiences, constraints, and other issues that influence your decisions and actions in relationship to ethics. Adopt an ethical framework that suits your profession and clients.

3 hours - two sessions:

February 22

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March 8

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The Consulting Process Series

Consulting Process Overview


Understand Relationship Between Core Competencies and the Consulting Process

March 22

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Scoping Client Requirements and Identifying Problems

Client research Resources

Discover ways to identify the right problem to solve to avoid failure and conflict with your clients.

April 12

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Project and Risk Management

Proposal Template
Project Plan Template
Risk management Template

Identify, prevent or circumvent inherent and unexpected risks in a project.

3 hours - two sessions:

April 26 May 15

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May 10 May 22

Recording unavailable

Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis Tools Overview and Examples

Capitalize on the information gathered for the proposal; identify options and determine their impact to execute a successful engagement.

May 24

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Find and Recommend Solutions


Influence and Audience Reading Experience.
Develop the soft side of finding solutions.

June 14

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Implementation and Disengagement

Execution Plan

Discover how to leave a set of key measures in place and tools to make further change as needed to capitalize on success or prevent erosion of success.,

June 28

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Practice Management Series

Marketing & Client Relationships

Marketing plan Template
Visibility Assessment

Understand how to market services and stay connected to clients.

3 hours - two sessions:


July 26

Special Encore Event on Sept. 6 & Sept. 13

Practice management

Business Infrastructure Assessment

From A to Z on how to success in the Business of Consulting.

August 9

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Professional Learning

Professional Development Plan

Keep abreast of developments and changes, sharpen the saw, and stay head of the competition

August 23

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