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NCR Volunteer Form
Volunteer for NCRParticipating in the activities of our community is a great way to enhance your skills, build your professional network and find new opportunities to develop your consulting business. Whether you contribute your skills and time in a leadership role or as a volunteer, each effort pays dividends. In most cases, occupying leadership roles brings back (or creates) skills and perspectives you had when you were in a non-consultant position, and helps you better appreciate the positions and perspectives of your clients. For example:

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Leadership Role
Develop skills in budgeting, financial management, and revenue generation
Experience in corporate record keeping and meeting management
Opportunity to develop your business network with potential speakers
Access to hundreds of consultants, both members and prospects
Skill development and reputation for management of a credentialing program
Experience and responsibility in governance and organizational development
Skill building in leadership, organizational development and community presence

Please talk to your chapter leadership about these opportunities or submit the form below to get started.