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Reason for Being
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Our Reason for Being


IMC USA exists to provide a community platform for ethically grounded consultants who work with management to build their practices, so they can deliver transformative value for their clients. 

At a high level, here's what it means. 


This Reason for Being reflects our purpose and governs everything we do individually and collectively.



This is our name. What follows is what it means.


exists to provide

This is what we exist to do, not what we do to exist.


a community platform

It includes accelerated learning, virtual practice, practice development and strategy, plus a shared services support model.


for ethically grounded consultants who work with management

Member characteristics include: run their own practices, advise senior leaders, pay it forward, desire professional camaraderie, resonate with IMC USA's values and ethics, think objectively and without bias, seek commercial, discipline and personal growth.


to build their practices,

Members value this outcome most: to develop a thriving practice (sooner than they would on their own) regardless of location.


so they can deliver transformative value to their clients.

This is the primary outcomes of value IMC USA routinely delivers to its members. Through the membership, IMC USA touches tens of thousands of enterprises and affects billions in value creation each year.


To capture the full meaning of our Reason for Being, it is important to talk through it. Sign up below to join a moderated discussion about it - and learn how it can help you build your practice. 

Initiatives to Make it Real 

Making our Reason for Being real is everyone's job. We are grouping lots of mini-projects under six primary initiatives. 

  1. Foundation 
  2. Marketing
  3. Website
  4. Social Media Marketing 
  5. Accelerated Learning
  6. Community Platform

You can sign up for the ones where you have skills and interest here

Progress will happen using Idea to Done, a simple work-sharing technique that uses three steps to accelerate progress without burning out volunteers.

  1. Idea
  2. Brief
  3. Plan

Thanks for your interest! If you'd like to speak with someone to find the best fit for your time, interests, and talents, click here.