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Reason for Being Initiatives Summary
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Initiatives Summary

1. Foundation 


  • Create a Roadmap for taking new "Ideas to Done"
    • IDEACreate a Roadmap for Taking New “Ideas to Done”
    • OVERVIEW: Create a tool that allows multiple IMC volunteers to ‘carry’ projects forward just a little bit
    • VALUE: More of the supporting initiatives under the RFB will get done--and done more quickly. The more helpers we have, the more work gets done and the more people engage with IMC with each other.
  • Introduce the Reason for Being 
    • IDEA: Introduce a Reason for Being to guide IMC USA at This Pivotal Point In Its History
    • OVERVIEW: Restate the highest order value IMC USA can create for its members beginning with a broad and deep survey of members’ needs.
    • VALUE: A RFB will clearly state why IMC USA exists, define how the organization creates value for its members in a post-Internet age, indicate what new value members can, in turn, create for their clients. It will also hold everyone accountable to the same shared outcomes.


2. Marketing

  • Update Our Brand
    • OVERVIEW: Expand the IMC USA Brand from a logomark into a full brand framework that fully represents the new promises the organization is making to its members and to the public.If your practice focuses on marketing and/or rebranding, this would be an ideal project for you!
    • VALUE: A full brand framework is necessary to make--and keep--the organization relevant in an environment where a growing number of members aren’t co-located and in a world where digital presence in multiple channels is a requirement for legitimacy. 


3. Website

  • Capture/Imagine New Requirements
    • OVERVIEW: Brainstorm ways to improve and enhance the current member experience on the website. If you have led digital strategy transformation before, this may be the ideal project for you!
    • VALUE: An updated website will enhance the member's experience encouraging them to stay longer to take advantage of the resources available to them. 
  • Find association-friendly back-end with matching algorithm, payments,scheduling, and mobile features (at a minimum)
    • OVERVIEW: Redesign IMC's current back-end data management system. Does your practice focus on analytics and/or data management? If so we could use your help on this project! 
    • VALUE: With a more effective data management website, we can track payments more effectively.

  • Develop program to deepen member profiles
    • OVERVIEW: Think LinkedIN meets Alignable! We want to improve the way you can search for consultants you may need on your next engagement. If you like tackling website improvement projects, this is the one for you!
    • VALUE: The capability to search IMC for the right fit consultant to help fulfill a client engagement, will enable you to expand your service offerings. 


4. Social Media Marketing

  • Communicate Anything On - Brand and In-Time
    • OVERVIEW: Leverage the power of Social Media and purposeful marketing to amplify our voice.
    • VALUE: Building the infrastructure to communicate across channels in a coordinated fashion allows us to support the relevance of IMC USA and create new value for our members. Examples include: social outreach, education, promotion of the CMC designation, email campaigns, public relations (on behalf of the organization, its members, their clients’ accomplishments), connecting members with each other, positioning IMC as a source for consulting help among prospective clients, promoting or supporting special interests, reaching new groups (students, business owners, university deans, and others), communicating with videos, and more. Coordinating messages across multiple channels is a proven method for increasing awareness and authority. This idea is intended as a long-lasting capability, not a one-time heroic effort.
  • Improve Our Presence in All Channels 
    • OVERVIEW: Take accountability for how we come across so that we become--and remain--relevant in every important communications channel (in-person, digital, print, media).
    • VALUE: Greater consistency over time and across channels makes IMC USA easier to find, makes recruiting new members easier and more cost-effective, enhances opportunities to match consultants with clients, builds the organization’s credibility, can promote the value of the CMC designation, and is a necessary starting point to achieve IMC USA’s other objectives.


5. Accelerated Learning 

  • Programs - Build Evergreen Learning Programs 
    • OVERVIEW: Each ‘generation’ of consultants should provide the next one with a faster path to accomplishment and success. Keeping consultants at the top of their game is what makes consultants better and more capable of creating transformational value for their clients. Shift learning from tell-tell-sell webinars to skill-building courses (possibly licensed/discounted from third parties such as Udemy or IIL). These may carry their own independent mini-certifications. 
    • VALUE: This professional development program will be purposeful and consistent, bringing innovative ideas to members’ consulting practices.
  • Make Practice Growth Core to the Member Experience 
    • OVERVIEW: Reframing consultants’ mindsets to include the health of their practice, not only their personal development is key to achieving our Reason for Being. 
    • VALUE: Providing guidelines to balance the tools, marketing, skills, support services, reputation, etc. is key to growth in 2018 and beyond. More successful members means a more successful IMC--and a greater ability to create value for clients. 


6. Community Platform

  • Connect Prospective Clients with Members
    • OVERVIEW: Think of a platform that would allow companied to post their consulting needs and a place where IMC USA consultants can submit proposals for that work. Think Upwork, Fiverr, or Taskrabbit.
    • VALUE: This is a great way for clients to access a variety of experienced consultants. If you've worked with any startup or similar matching system this may be the ideal project for your skill set. If you are simply interested in revolutionizing the way corporations reach out for consultants, join us. 
  • Define, Design, and Develop Our Community Platform 
    • OVERVIEW: Have you ever had a need to collaborate with another consultant on a specific skill set and had to search your own network only to turn up nothing? Frustrating! What if we build a LinkedIn type database that is searchable skill set? If you need to partner with a German speaking consultant for a German project, you can search the database. 
    • VALUE: A better, more defined community platform will enable you to expand your business. 
  • Define and Develop Our Virtual Practice 
    • OVERVIEW: Expand the capabilities of every IMC USA member by letting them team up with hundreds of other qualified and ready consultants to tackle new or special projects.
    • VALUE: Providing a friction-free way for consultants to connect with each other for commercial purposes strengthens and adds value to the IMC USA network, builds IMC USA brand awareness, and fulfils the promises in the RFB to help members “build their practices” and to “deliver transformative value to their clients.”
    • STRETCH: Once activated, this program can add value to the IMC movement globally. 
  • Give Your Time (Not Just Your Dues) 
    • OVERVIEW: A few hours of your time can help us (all) do more and do it faster. Develop a program that makes it easy for members to contribute their time and skill to mini projects that dovetail with their passions and learning interests. The sprint-based projects are divided into quick phases members can complete quickly. Carefully orchestrating the prioritization, recruiting, and advancement of this ‘relay race’ is the focus of this idea. 
    • VALUE: More of IMC USA’s mission can be accomplished in less time, making the organization more value to members and their clients as well as to prospective members. Serial volunteering with hand-offs knits relationships together between more members building more trust. Having a pool of thousands of hours of top-tier consultant time readily available will reduce stress and burnout of our ‘hero’ members.
  • Explore Shared Services
    • IDEA: Explore Shared Services
    • OVERVIEW: Make it easier for consultants to run their practices by pooling our knowledge and buying power to find the best combinations of tools to run modern professional services practices. May include but is not limited to: software, apps, tech, travel, research, and other supporting services and tools. 
    • VALUE: Saves consultants time and money, makes it easier to collaborate with each other, and fulfils the RFB promise to members of “building their practices.” 
  • Spark Connections (between Consultants, Clients, and Community)
    • OVERVIEW: As a platform designed to serve its member, their clients, and the community, IMC USA should develop tools and techniques to suggest and complete connections that have value creation potential. Examples include: machine learning for consultant-to-consultant matches, deeper profiles for prospect-to-consultant matches and team-building for assignments, algorithms for mentoring matches and pro-bono public service requests, press connections, market research, and more.
    • VALUE: The more members in our organization, the bigger we grow. The more connections between our members, the stronger we become.