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The expertise of our Professional and Certified Members covers most consulting disciplines and includes experience in most industries. IMC does not charge referral payments for any of these services, so there are no financial conflicts of interest with the client, the consultant, or IMC USA.

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Step 2: Specify Search Criteria (include any of: Name, Company, Interest Groups, Location, Sector, Industry, NAICS Code, Consulting Specialty, Academic Degrees, Certifications, and whether a person is a speaker).

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The search returns a list of qualified individuals with links to their member profiles, which describe in more detail their experience and skills. You may contact these consultants directly, including instant chat if they are online.

IMC USA's objective is to provide hiring managers with the best possible professional management consulting services from our members. All members create and maintain their own profiles. IMC is not responsible for the content of the member profiles, nor does it guarantee the performance of service provided by its members.

If you do not find a consultant that meets your needs, use the form below to get help from IMC USA Staff.

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