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How to Become Certified as a CMC
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Our CMC® certification process confirms your education, continuing professional develop and commitment to the highest ethical standards, and our examiners rigorously assess your consulting engagements and competence to apply the knowledge and skills defined in IMC USA’s Competency Framework and Certification Scheme for Certified Management Consultants™ (CMC®).  This framework was recently revised to adopt the global standards for consulting crafted by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).

The CMC certificate mark behind your name is one way differentiate yourself from other consultants worldwide.

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This page describes that application process, and the application download link is at the bottom of this page.

Our Three Application Streams
There are three certification streams for qualified candidates:
Basic for consultants with a minimum of 3 up to 9 years of management consulting experience as independent or internal consultants with five satisfactory clients evaluations, and a Bachelor's degree or at least 5 years of work experience including 3 years of full time consulting plus significant professional education in management consulting. Pass a written and oral examinations.
Experienced for consultants with 10 or more years as independent or internal consultants and otherwise meeting the Basic requirements. The scope of the written and oral examination may be reduced.
Management for high level managers with 20 or more years experience with at least 3 years of consulting with clients and accountability for successful completion of projects involving management consultants and otherwise meeting requirements of the Basic track. The scope of the written and oral examination may be reduced.
The Steps


Submit a CMC® Multi-stream Application with supporting documentation to IMC USA, answering 15 questions and including three written engagment summaries and provide contact information for five or six clients who will be invited to complete an on-line client evaluations. (Download CMC® Application at bottom of page.) FAQs on the Application and the Multiple Streams, on Client Evaluations, on Engagment Summaries.



After receipt of five satisfactory client evaluations and a review of your application, take the Ethics and Consulting Competency sections of the on-line examination, about one hour each. (Download the study materials below.) FAQs on the On-line Examination.



Pass a Peer Review Oral Examination with three senior consultants who are CMCs. There are four parts: presentation of one of your engagements, answering questions on engagement management, answering questions on ethics and answering questions on consulting core competencies. FAQs on the Oral Examination.
How Long Does It Take?
The process can take as little as two months, depending on how quickly your references are submitted and they complete a client evaluation, when you pass the online examinations, and when you schedule your panel interview. FAQs on the Application Process.

Getting Started

Watch a 20 minute webinar on completing
the CMC Application page by page

Getting HelpPlease download the Application to review the Certification Point System and determine if you are qualified. Ask your Chapter Certification Chair for help. FAQs on the Point System.

Identify five or six references, most of them should be officers or executives of client organizations served. They will be invited to complete an on-line client evaluation. Five satisfactory evaluations must be received before continuing with the certification process. Important FAQs on Client Evaluations.

Identify at least three client assignments to use to prepare concise written summaries, disguised to protect client identity. Ensure you will not violate your non-disclosure agreement with your clients. FAQs on Engagement Summaries.
When submitting your application, you pledge in writing to abide by the Institute's Code of Ethics.

What does It cost?

Your certification fee is determined by your IMC USA member status. IMC USA awards the CMC® to members and non-members. There is no requirement for membership in any professional association or to attend any specific course to apply for the CMC®. IMC USA member rates will apply only if you are in good standing at the time you submit payment. If you join IMC USA after being awarded the CMC mark, member rates will be applicable in the next calendar year.

All CMCs pay an CMC® Annual Charge in December to maintain their certification for the next calendar year. Every third year each CMC® re-certifies in June (see CMC® Renewal below). The costs vary for IMC USA members and non-members.

                                                                                     IMC USA Member Status                     


Fee Description



Initial Certification Application and Assessment 



Convert a hard copy application to electronic files



Annual CMC® charge (prorated first year)



Triennial Re-Certification (an assessment of your continuing professional development)




Submit the application as a MSWORD file and supporting documents as PDFs. FAQs on the Application.

Information on joining IMC USA, member benefits and membership categories/dues.


What Do I Study for the Written Examination?
What do I study?Three core documents are supplied to the candidate for use as an open book reference during the on-line exams. These are: The IMC USA Code of Ethics, the IMC USA Body of Knowledge, and IMC USA’s Competency Framework and Certification Scheme for Certified Management Consultants™ (CMC®).The examination has two sections: ethics and core competencies. FAQs on the On-Line Examination.
Peer Review PanelHow Do I Prepare for the Oral Examination?
The Oral Examination is conducted face to face with 3 experienced CMCs normally in your local Chapter region. (Rarely, the panel is conducted on a conference call.) There are four parts: presenting one of your engagements, answering questions on engagement management, answering questions on ethics and answering questions on consulting core competencies. You should conduct yourself during the examination like you would for a client meeting, study materials found at the bottom of this page, review your application and FAQs on the Oral Examination.
Surprisingly, many consultants years past their degree programs take the Oral Exam too casually and do not pass. Short, concise answers about engagement management, ethical traps and working/communicating with senior managers through the life of a major project that demonstrate a breath of knowledge are expected.
Award of CMC® Certificate

After completing the Oral Examination, the candidate's file is reviewed by the IMC USA CMC Certification Committee. This review is conducted to ensure that all of the documents submitted are complete and validated and that all examinations have been completed with a passing grade. The Certification Committee meets once each month to approve certifications and notifies the candidate if the CMC® is awarded. All CMCs follow the guidelines for use of the CMC certificate mark.


Failure of Examinations
Candidates who fail any portion of an examination are invited to retake that portion after agreeing for a reasonable amount of time to either re-study the materials or take remedial action enabling them to pass. If a candidate is dissatisfied with the outcome of the examinations, there is an appeal process to the IMC USA Board of Directors. FAQs on the Appeal Process.
CMC® Renewal
CMC® certification renewal is due June 30th of the every third year from your original certification date (how to confirm a renewal date). CMC® must affirm at each renewal that they will continue to comply with the Institute's Code of Ethics.
FAQs on CMC® Renewal.
Reciprocity or Transferring my CMC®
If you belong to another Institute that awards the CMC® and will move to the United States, you may transfer your CMC®. If you will work in the United States temporarily, you should request reciprocity for your CMC®. FAQs
The Chair of the CMC® Certification Committee is Carl Potter CMC®. This committee at the national level administers the certification process.
More Questions?

1a CMC Application, Recertification & Reciprocity

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Documents used to apply for and recertify the Certified Mananagement Consultant - CMC - certification.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
CMC Recertification Long Form DOCX (121.04 KB) Administration 5/1/2019
CMC Application Form DOCX (348.61 KB) Administration 7/10/2020
CMC Recertification Short Form DOCX (115.72 KB) Administration 5/1/2019
The Value of the CMC® PPTX (791.18 KB) Administration 10/19/2013
-- Frequently Asked Questions About Certification Link Administration 9/29/2011
-- Webinar: How To Complete the Application Link  more ] Administration 9/29/2011
-- Short webinar How to Complete Re-Certification Link  more ] Administration 10/19/2013
-- Ethics Case Study Template for Recert Points DOC (53.5 KB) Administration 5/19/2013
IMC USA CMC® Application/Re-certification Appeal DOC (45.5 KB)  more ] Administration 10/19/2013
ICMCI CMC® Reciprocity Rules PDF (75.33 KB)  more ] Administration 10/19/2013
Guildeline for Use to the CMC Certification Mark PDF (990.1 KB) Administration 2/26/2015

1b Study Materials for On-line and Oral Exams

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Study materials for open book online exam sections on ethics and core competencies and for the Oral Examination.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
IMC USA Modified Version Competency Framework PDF (75.77 KB) Administration 11/10/2015
IMC USA Competency Framework-Certification Scheme PDF (733.85 KB) Administration 6/10/2015
How to Download Documents via IMC USA Online Store Link  more ] Administration 11/19/2013
IMC USA Common Body of Knowledge HTML (100 bytes)  more ] Administration 6/18/2013
IMC USA Code of Ethics PDF (15.52 KB) Administration 9/21/2009